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Capitol Corner

Career Paths to Congress

Despite all the turmoil in Washington today, my 11 year old son has political aspirations of one day serving in Congress. To meet this goal, what should his career path look like?

Career Paths to Congress by Ilona NickelsThere are as many different career paths that lead to Congress as there are probably Members! No one pattern guarantees success over any other.

Whether a candidate can be elected or not is a function of several factors:

For an overview of the professional and educational backgrounds of current Members of Congress, you can review this detailed report found on various websites on the Internet, or use the link that I provide here:

Membership of the 116th Congress: A Profile
Jennifer E. Manning
Congressional Research Service
October 2, 2020
CRS Report R45583

Most Members provide their bios on their respective websites. You might suggest to your son that since you live in Georgia, he review the bios of all the Georgia members to get a sense of their path to Congress.

Also have him check out my column here on Qualifications for Congress.