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Capitol Corner

Members of Congress: a Job Description

What do Members of Congress actually do besides vote? What are their specific duties?

Members of Congress: a Job Description by Ilona NickelsThat’s an important question given the fact that we expect many new men and women to assume the role of Member of Congress when the new Congress convenes in January.

There is no formal job description for a Member of Congress. Each is free to define his or her own priorities. The Constitution only sets forth the qualifications necessary for election. House and Senate rules only require that Members be present and vote. Ultimately, the voters decide if a Member of Congress is living up to their expectations for the job at the next election.

However, there are many distinct “hats” most Members end up wearing as part of their job. Each Member decides differently how much time to spend on any one role, but here is a job description that will fit most Members once they settle into their jobs and begin to perform their duties.