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Capitol Corner

Pledge of Allegiance:
Standing for the Pledge

Do all members stand for the Pledge each business day?
I saw a picture where some members were seated and oblivious, while others stood with hands over hearts. As an Army veteran, I think they should be censored for disrespect.

Pledge of Allegiance: Standing for the Pledge by Ilona NickelsWhat you observed is true. Some stand; some don't. But I don't believe that this occurs out of disrespect for our flag.

The House floor is much larger and noisier in reality than it appears on TV. It's like a 3-ring circus: all kinds of different things are going on in different areas.

People are talking nonstop. Being on the House floor is the only time many Members see each other since they are split among three separate office buildings. There's a LOT of independent conversations going on at all times. Imagine when 435 people are at various stages of coming and going all day long.

Because the House floor is so noisy, it's truly difficult to hear the Presiding Officer: that's why they are always banging that gavel! I would be willing to bet you that a large chunk of folks on the floor have no idea the Pledge of Allegiance is happening or even that the House has been formally convened into session. I really don't think it's disrespect; to use your word, they are truly oblivious to what is happening.

The Speaker of the House, under House official rules, has sole authority over the proceedings and decorum of the House floor. If you want to change this behavior, he's the person to contact. Organize your fellow veterans to do a letter writing campaign (you can email, of course, but letters get more attention; there are thousands of emails daily; they can't keep up with them.) Or fax messages. Or phone. Or leave comments on the Speaker's Facebook page. Or use Twitter. Or all of the above.

Ask the Speaker to insist that the Presiding Officer gavel until everyone pays attention and is aware the Pledge is about to happen and ask that the Presiding Officer tell everyone to stand. In other words, don't rush through this moment. Set it up properly so it will be respected.

You might also contact any national Veteran organizations you belong to and ask them to lobby for this change to occur. I think they would be heard!

Here is contact information for you:

Rep. Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-0600
Fax: (202) 225-2012