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Accountability of Elected Officials
Career Paths to Congress
Chaplains in the U.S. Congress
House Ethics Process
House/Senate Differences
Lame Duck Congress: Attendance and Voting
Members of Congress: A Job Description
Members of Congress: Who Do They Represent?
Oath of Office for Members of Congress
Pledge of Allegiance: Standing for the Pledge
Pledge of Allegiance: Use in Congress
Qualifications to Run for Congress
Senate: 50-50 Split?
Senate Majority Leader: A Job Description
Sessions of Congress: Lengths
Size of House and Senate
Speaker of the House: a Job Description
Amending the Constitution
Constitutionality of Legislation
August Recesses
First Congress
GOP: Origins of Term
Ideology: Left or Right
Lame Duck Congress: Definition
Party Animals: the Donkey and the Elephant
Statue of Freedom
U.S. Citizenship Test
Amendment Tree in the Senate
Changing a Law
Conference Committees: In Decline
Conference Committees: Procedures
“Deem and Pass” Procedure
Executive Orders
Holds in the Senate
How to Find Basic Legislative Information
How to Keep Up With Congress
Types of Legislation

Audience Feedback

Comments From Recent Speaking Engagements

Ilona Nickels, Congressional and Public Policy Expert

"The evaluation form asked how can Ilona's session be improved? The unanimous answer
was – it can't. Perfection! Thanks for another wonderful presentation."
Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

"That was one of the most profound talks I have ever heard delivered in a classroom. Your eloquence is stunning. Look at the reaction following class – it was incredible."
American University Professor

"Thank you for an amazing presentation. It was wonderful, clear, dynamic, informative, excellent, interesting, intriguing, fascinating, insightful — and those are just a few words Embassy personnel used to describe the seminar!"
Head, Diplomatic Team

"I learned more from you in less than an hour than I have learned in my 16 years of working in local government. You are a great speaker and I count it as a privilege to have sat in on the session today."
Municipal Official

"This a lady who truly knows her stuff. She provides a no-nonsense understanding of the subject in an unexpectedly entertaining and engaging manner."
NASA employee

"Everyone was buzzing about how good you were that evening and even long-time Washington DC government employees were remarking that they thought your frank, honest and humorous presentation was one of the best they’ve ever heard about Congress."
Joint Council for Extension Professionals

"I glanced at my watch 10 minutes into her talk and was shocked it was actually 45 minutes later -- I was spell-bound! I could listen to her ALL DAY -- her government in a nutshell was GREAT!"
Naval Air Systems Command

"Polished and poised like a Beltway insider, but also balanced and thorough, Ilona Nickels delivered a whirlwind summary of the situation on the ground in the nation's capital as the keynote address yesterday morning."
AIG Financial Advisors Chronicle

"As the congressional liaison for the Embassy, I have been briefed by many other experts on the Congress and how it works. This seminar with Ilona Nickels was the best I have heard."
Asian Embassy Officer